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Our NEW Hydrogen Energy Ionic Detox Foot Spa with LCD Display and Surgical Grade 304 L Stainless Steel Plate Array offers the best in a Multi Function System that Australia has to offer for home or business.


1 x Multi Function Controller

1 x FIR Bamboo Charcoal Waist Band

1 x Set of Massage Pads *

1 x Foot Basin with fitted liners

(colour maybe either Blue or Vanilla)

1 x Australian Approved Power Supply

1 x Array Cleaning Powder

1 x Himalayan Crystal Salt

1 x Array 304L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Plate Array

(100+ uses)

Product Handbook
(PDF will be emailed)

Metal Carrying Case
(design may vary from above image)

1 year (12 months) Australian Warranty included (extended warranty available)

**NEW** Hydrogen Energy Ionic Detox Foot Bath PLUS (including Basin with fitted

GST Included |
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