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Mary Staggs Detox

the Original Ionic Detox Foot Bath for over 20 years

Frequently asked Questions

Mary Staggs Detox Ionic Detox Foot Spa Bath Systems.

What happens when I place my feet or some other part of my body in the Mary Staggs Detox?

The appearance of colours, bubbles and the changes in the tension of the waters surface, as well as the change in pH, indicates that the unit is functioning correctly, producing an electrical current in the water and that polarity is being generated by the electrodes in the “array”.

The result is electrolysis and the generation of an electromagnetic field. Electrolysis provokes the precipitation of those substances with ionic capacity that is in the water, on the skin or in the pores of the person who has their feet submerged in the foot bath.

The water, due to its content of ionic salts, remains magnetised and being in close contact with the corporal liquids facilitates the extension of this field towards the interior of the body. As it is the feet that are being treated, which have many reflex zones, these experience stimulation by the electromagnetic energy that is being generated resulting in the stimuli being propagated to the different organs and systems.

Why should I use the Mary Staggs Detox?

There are lots of reasons why you should use the Mary Staggs Detox. The principle reason is that Mary Staggs Detox is a fast effective and inoffensive way of stimulating and balancing the bio-energetic field of the body, facilitating better organ function and auto-detoxification. Remember that if you are 30, 40 or 50 years old then you have spent as many years getting to your present state of health and toxicity. We strongly recommend that you follow a regular and continuous Mary Staggs Detox stimulation and detoxification program.

Who should use the Mary Staggs Detox?

Nearly everybody can benefit from following a Mary Staggs Detox program. Even those of you that think you are “healthy” and follow a balanced nutritious diet. Mary Stagg’s ionic spa compliments other therapies wonderfully. If in pain, tired or feeling run down start now.

Who should NOT use Mary Staggs Detox?

Anyone with a surgical implant that operates with batteries like a pacemaker.

· Epileptics

Anyone who has received an organ transplant

· Transplant patients – Patients who have received a transplant need to take a regular basic medication to avoid organ rejection. Although not proven, there could occur interference in said protocol. This same theory could be applied to other similar medication (patients at risk that need life saving drugs on a continual basis that depress the immune system, coagulation etc.) Treatment under such circumstances must be at all times under medical supervision.

Anyone who thinks that they may be or are pregnant

· Pregnancy – Mary Staggs Detox is designed to work with one bio-electrical system at a time, as each system has its own properties. In the case of pregnancy, there are two bio-energetic fields present, which could possibly interfere with each other.

· Haemophiliacs – Haemophilia is a fault in the coagulation system of the body. Some of the factors that promote coagulation do not function correctly or are missing. As haemophiliacs have very thin blood, the use of Mary Staggs Detox could possibly, although not proven, promote a capillary haemorrhage with grave results.

How frequently can Mary Staggs Detox be used?

Mary Staggs Detox can be used for 30 minutes every other day. This allows time for the integration of the bio-energetic field and will avoid over-stimulation. It is NOT recommended on a daily basis, due to the fact that the body needs time to assimilate the increase in the bio-energetic level.

Can Mary Staggs Detox be used while taking prescribed drugs?

This is a difficult question to answer due to the many different forms of medication on today’s market. In general, prescribed drugs consumed on a daily basis with the purpose of stimulating the body’s defence mechanism, the regulation of a deficient system or to stimulate detoxification, are considered compatible with Mary Staggs Ionic Spa. As explained previously, high-risk patients consuming life saving medication should first complete the entire prescription. If in doubt always consult your medical professional.

How are toxins eliminated?

By means of electrolysis, the Mary Staggs Detox treatment plan intends to promote corporal detoxification, which will allow the body to achieve a healthier condition. This detoxification is based on the bio-energetic stimulation of the different tissues, organs and systems so that they can carry out their natural detoxifying process better. The final result is a stimulation that allows us to attain balance, which in turn brings us, closer to achieving better health.

On the other hand, the electrolysis phenomena in the foot bath generates a release of substances that migrate towards the electrodes, going through a transformation which is manifested in the precipitation of products in the water, colour change and release of gases, and this too has a relation to our organism. Within our interior a bio-energetic flow is produced, this unblocks and stimulates, creating better tissue, organ and system functions, facilitating better circulation.

Can Mary Staggs Detox be used if one has a metal implant?

Yes, there is no problem. Our only concern is if there is an electrical implant.

Can the water be shared with another person during treatment?

NO! Two people cannot use the water at the same time. There could possibly be a conflict in the bio-electrical fields. This is an individualised process. No two people have the same bio-electrical signature. Use clean water for each session.

Why does the water change colour?

There are many factors that come into play when the unit is turned on which contributes to the colour and property changes in the water. Basically, the Mary Staggs Detox is based on electrolysis. If we analyse the system we find the following elements: water classification and types of salt, which are used to achieve optimum conductivity.

The water that is used has its own impurities, which due to the electrolysis are drawn towards or separated from other components. Remember, the water that normally reaches our homes can contain variable quantities of suspended solids such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, chlorine antimony, arsenic, asbestos, barium, boron, cadmium, chromium, copper, cyanide, fluorine, iron, lead, mercury, nickel, sulphates, thallium, nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, detergents and organic material, amongst many others.

When the Mary Staggs Detox “array” starts to work in the water, apart from the changes in the pHs, some of these substances can come to light as being present in the water.

This is one of the reasons for the colour changes and the release of small quantities of different gases like oxygen, hydrogen, chlorine and some sulphurs. The “arrays” are metallic and will release waste and will result in an electrolytic reaction, which will in turn cause it to corrode.

Another influencing matter is what we introduce into the water, lets say our feet. These have their own properties such as acidity or alkalinity. One can also find germ, bacteria, yeast infections and parasites. The skin can also contain remnants of soap, creams, dyes and fibres. There will also be a release of substances from the sebaceous glands and dead cells. All these factors combined will influence the colour change. Last of all we have the internal condition of the body, which will influence and manifest themselves in the water.

Here we need to take into account sub dermis conditions, the capillary micro-circulation and other internal influences that can be emitted through the largest human organ, our skin. Temperature will also affect chemical reactions in the water. If we take into account all these factors we can start to understand why colour changes take place in the water, these colours can be black, green, brown, white, yellow etc, and deposits can sink or float on the water.

Can I drink the water in the footbath?

NO! Never drink the water.

Will the toxins in the water re-enter the body?

No, for the simple reason that these substances have been eliminated and the electrolysis has changed the solubility characteristics of the substances.

Can I move or touch the “array” during treatment?

Yes, there is no danger.

Should I remove my jewellery or electrical appliances, such as mobile phone etc?

These could interfere with the bio-electromagnetic field that is being created and stimulated due to the magnetic or radio frequencies being emitted. The purer the bi-oelectrical field the better.

Why do I feel pins and needles or a slight pain?

The explanation could be due to the bio-electrical field that is being generated by the Mary Staggs Detox, which is being absorbed and utilised by the body’s organs and tissues. There is a freeing of bio-electrical blockages. Once again demonstrating the effectiveness of the process. If the sensation becomes uncomfortable, you may wish to stop the session and renew it in two or three days, increasing treatment time gradually until you can enjoy a full session comfortably. We recommend that at least 4 glasses of water be drunk during each Mary Staggs Detox session.

Why do I feel tired after the treatment?

Everyone has their own cycle of activity and rest, although generally they follow the same pattern there can be variations. In some cases the bio-electrical stimulation can produce a sensation of tiredness due to the release of certain energies and the change in others. In others there could be stimulation, “recharging the batteries”, hence they feel more energetic and awake.

Our bodies normally regenerate during sleep. If you feel tired after the treatment then we recommend that you use Mary Staggs Detox during the afternoon or evening, that way you will be able to give your body the rest required. If on the other hand you feel full of energy then we recommend you have your Mary Staggs Detox session during the morning or early afternoon.

Mary Staggs Detox  - Professional Grade System

with NEW re-calibrated Patented LCD Display



Supplied with:-
1 x Mary Staggs Professional Detox Controller
(NEW re-calibrated Control POD)

1 x Mary Staggs Detox Foot Basin with liners

1 x Australian Approved Power Supply

2 x MSD Arrays

(Surgical/Medical Grade Stainless Steel)

2 x Array Cleaning Fluid

1 x Himalayan Crystal Salt

Product Handbook

Manufactured in GERMANY to superior standards

12 months Australian Warranty

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