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Urine, Saliva, Perspiration and even a Blood sample may be tested for Heavy Metal using the this kit.

The Heavy Metal Test Kit can also be used to determine the environmental sources of the contamination in aqueous solutions such as tap water. Since all Heavy Metal ions are water soluble, solids like food items, porcelain dishes, dust samples from carpets, wall paints and wall paper etc. can be tested for Heavy Metals after soaking them in distilled water.

In addition to being an initial analytical screening tool for urine, saliva, perspiration and blood, the test is also useful for finding the causes of contamination in the patient's environment.

Contains:- 1. 8 x individually reagent coated test tubes 2. 2 x pipettes 3. 4 x sample cups 4. 1 x 5mL Solvent 5.

Instructional Card

How to Use

1. Take a fresh coated test tube, remove the cap, and using a dedicated pipette, add approximately 0.5 ml (~ 12 drops) of Solvent to the test tube.
2. Replace the cap and shake the test tube vigorously for about 30 seconds to effect dissolution of Dithizone in the solvent. Invert the test tube and let it stand using the cap as the base for another 30 seconds. The solution should now be green and fresh and ready for use.
3. Remove the test tube cap, pick up approximately 2-3mL of testing sample from the sample cup using a clean pipette and add it to the test tube. Replace the test tube cap.
4. Shake vigorously for about 5 seconds, then place the test tube into one of the support holes in the stand provided and allow for the solution to separate.
5. Read the top layer and compare it with the chart provided with the stand. If colour stays green, no ionic metals have been detected

The Personal Home Use Heavy Metal Test Kit and the  Multi Metal d-ToX both work in conjunction with our Ionic Detox Foot Bath Systems to assist your body in rapidly eliminating ionic heavy metals

Heavy Metal Test Kit - Home Use - 8 Tests

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