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Article:  How Does Living Clay Detox Through the Skin?

Living Clay Co In Australia calcium Bentonite detox clay products. 
Oftentimes when people experience rashes or skin breakouts, it's their body trying to get rid of something nasty on the inside. The body detoxes the system through the skin. One of the best ways to aid this process is to use Living Clay Calcium Bentonite Clay.
Living Clay has a uniquely strong negative ion charge. Because of this, it attracts positively charged ions (viruses, bacteria, impurities, etc.) like a magnet. The positive ions are adsorbed (stick to the surface of the clay molecules) and absorbed (drawn inside the clay molecules). They are then removed from the body when the clay is eliminated. So, while your body is trying to push the nasties out through your skin, Living Clay is pulling it at the same time, greatly speeding the process.
But why Living Clay®, and not some other clay?
More for your money. Living Clay® swells three times as much as ordinary Calcium Bentonite Clays, giving you three times the volume of hydrated clay and three times the drawing power for pulling out toxins and impurities.
Living Clay is a 325 Screen Mesh. Most clays are a 50 or 200 screen mesh making them coarser and grittier. You will love our clay for its thick, creamy smooth richness.
It is odorless and tasteless. A superior clay should not smell or taste salty or muddy.
Living Clay has a 9.7 pH, which neutralizes and balances acidic conditions.
Your skin will be fresh and rejuvenated. Living Clay
                                                             so pure you can eat it! 

Living Clay Co detox clay powder so pure you can eat it NOW in Hydrated form.
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