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Transdermal Magnesium Therapy by Dr. Mark Sircus
Book Description
Transdermal Magnesium Therapy is the first and only book that focuses on one of the most important, exciting, and natural ways of magnesium replenishment; i.e., as absorbed through the skin. Extensive research has shown that this vital macronutrient enters the body through the skin, beneficial physiological processes occur, such as a natural increase in DHEA production, that happen no other way. Mark Sircus provides a critical overview of magnesium's grossly overlooked place in the nutrition matrix, as well as a comprehensive look at other available forms and intake protocols.
Price: $39.50
The Magnesium Miracle by Dean Carolyn
From The Publisher:

"Magnesium is indeed the unsung hero and is a key nutriceutical that everybody needs to know about. . . . This book needs to be read by any individual wishing to improve their quality of life. . . . Dr Dean has the best credentials in bringing solutions to those suffering from the hidden magnesium disorders that affect most of us."
Author of "Lower Your Blood Pressure in Eight Weeks"
Price: $29.90
Magnesium. The Miracle Mineral by Dr. Sandra Cabot
“You won’t believe the difference it makes to your health!”
by Dr Sandra Cabot

A new book by award winning author Dr Sandra Cabot


Dr Cabot’s latest book looks at many different and common health problems, that can surprisingly be relieved, or at the very least, significantly helped, by simple and safe supplementation with magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral that can make a huge difference to your health and yet many people, even in the developed world, have inadequate magnesium levels in their body.
Price: $24.95
Living Clay by Perry A~

Learn all about Calcium Bentonite Clay – its history, its multitude of uses, and just exactly what it can do for you! Perry A~ is a lifelong motivational–Keynote speaker who in 1995 experienced the miracle of Living Clay for herself. She has since dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge of this ancient, yet recently rediscovered gift, with everyone.
Price: $34.00
The Clay Cure by Ran Knishinsky
Contains information on the science of clays, the history of clay down through the ages, choosing the appropriate clay, and the many uses and applications of clay.
Price: $21.99